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SexDocu "Enough Man" - 2005

lundi 5 septembre 2005
de Luke Woodward
Anglais non sous titré

Enough Man is a documentary by filmmaker Luke Woodward which explores sex, sexuality, body image, and relationships from the perspective of nine FTM transmen. It has been both criticized and praised for its implicit depictions of sex and has often been referred to as the intersection of documentary and pornography.

Documentary meets explicit sexuality in this groundbreaking debut video about body image, relationships, sex and sexuality from the perspective of nine female-to-male (FTM) transmen and their partners. Enough Man features health educators, college students, sex workers, activists and artists, including Best Transgender Erotica co-editor, Raven Kaldera. With an irresistible all-queer/trans soundtrack, Enough Man includes tunes by San Francisco transman hip-hoppers Jacob Perez and Katastrophe, along with NYC rock diva, Lisa Jackson and queer Hawai’ian/Palestinian hip-hop ensemble, Juha. By, for, and about FTMs, Enough Man is at once sexy and political, raunchy and poignant.

"Enough Man is Luke Woodward’s kinky valentine to FTMs everywhere and the people who desire us. It stands in sharp contrast to the traditional transsexual documentaries that focus on gender dysphoria and sex reassignment, but skip over the difficult and delightful details of our pleasure-seeking behavior. Woodward seems to have included all sexual orientations, and he doesn’t flinch from covering the full spectrum of sexuality, from yummy vanilla blowjobs and passionate kisses to enthusiastic and outrageous BDSM. I was by turns amused, turned on, sad, surprised, and moved by the participants’ honesty and explicitness. It was wonderful to see our handsome, responsive bodies on screen, being affirmed by intimate touch. Wow !”

- Patrick Califia, therapist and author of Sex Changes : The Politics of Transgenderism

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