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lundi 5 septembre 2011

Sam and Evan : from girls to men

17-year-old Sam and 20-year-old Evan are a gay male couple - but underneath their clothes they have female bodies. What makes this story so exceptional is that they are both in the process of changing their bodies from female to male, at the same time. This film follows their gender journey and the prejudice they encounter along the way - including the humiliation and fear they suffer of having eggs thrown at them as they walk to the bus stop. The documentary tells the story of how Sam and Evan met, fell in love and embarked on a remarkable transgender journey together to transform their bodies from Girls to Men

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Dad’s having a baby

Logan and Greg could be two kids in any average American family. Except they have two dads and one of them is pregnant. Now, they are starting a new life in new town, in the US Bible Belt. How will their neighbors react to this extraordinary family ? [...]Tom and Scott Moore have been married for three years. Born as Jessica and Laura, they each came from traditional families. Now gay men, they met at the local Lesbian Gay Bi Transgender group and fell in love. [...] The documentary follows Scott’s pregnancy and the safe delivery of his baby son, Miles. Their lives continue to twist and turn when a freak fire, which burns down their house, forces them to relocate. They quit their jobs, pack up what is left of their possessions and drive their family 1000 miles south to start a new life in New Mexico. [...]

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